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For further information, contact Pastor James Patterson.
Phone: (402) 457-7820
Email: NOGNBs@gmail.com
The North Omaha Good News Bears Club, directed by Pastor James Patterson, is a weekly children’s outreach club that teaches life skills, Christian living values, community service and citizenship to over 300 youth between the ages of 4 and 18. Their mission is to take young lives that have no good examples of ethical behavior and plant the seed of hope in each young person by providing role modeling that reinforces the positive values of a strong family and society

"Clubbers" are taught life-skills and what life in Christ is like. Tutors help youngsters with their schoolwork. Community and citizenship values are also taught and stressed. Clubbers earn points for criteria including club and school attendance. They are able to spend those points in the "Bear Cave", where they can purchase toys and games.

Pastor Patterson stated that the club is indeed blessed to be able to have a "home" where they can set up their club gear, decorate the rooms and not have to tear everything back down at the end of each club time, which was the case before the Good News Bears Club moved on campus.