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Turning Point believes the facilities on the campus serve, enhance and empower our ministry partners and provide much needed resources for their programs. We also believe many other local and national resources are available to assist parents, youth leaders, local youth organizations and churches in their continuing efforts to bring about positive changes in the attitudes and life styles of the young people in the community.

Some Campus Resources

  Versatile Facilities
 • There are many buildings on campus, each having different features to offer. If you would like more information on the facilities on campus, please check out each building on the Facilities Page.  Click on the numbers to review the details associated with each building.
 • Vocational Technical Training
  Turning Point continues to establish partnerships with numerous state agencies, trade associations, businesses, organizations and individuals to develop vocational training opportunities for youth from the community. The campus facilities provide tremendous potential for training youth in areas such as information technology, construction, printing, welding, sheet metal fabrication, photography, arts & crafts and home-making.
  Community Technology Center
  Turning Point partnered with Applied Information Management (AIM) Institute in 2000 to establish a Community Technology Center (CTC). The center consists of 12 computers and software that provides educational and career training programs for children, youth and adults.
  Recreational Facilites
  Turning Point is pursuing establishing a viable year-round swimming program utilizing its competition-sized indoor pool. The swim center program will include swimming instruction, open recreation, youth outreach activities and church group events.
  Turning Point sponsors an exercise room/weight room for use by youth, youth leaders and pastors.
  The athletic field has been utilized by private schools, home school groups and Grace University for a variety of sports activities. Turning Point is planning to enlarge the athletic field to regulation soccer and football field dimensions to support additional sports activities and programs.
  Other Resources Provided to Local Youth Ministries
  Turning Point networks with local professionals in businesses and non-profit organizations to provide expertise to ministries and organizations in areas such as general administration, accounting, newsletter production, organization and program budgets, database development, financial development planning etc. Contact Us for more information.

Campus Ministries

Parent & Youth Resources

Boys Town
Center for Pregancy Counseling
Child Saving Institute
Compass Ministries: (402) 558-8646
Essential Pregnancy Services
Family Life
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Focus Adolescent Services
Focus on the Family
Girls, Inc.

Grace University

Hope Center for Kids
Movie Ministry

Open Door Mission

Region VI

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries

Teen Life Ministries
Young Life
(YES) Youth Emergency Services
Youth For Christ
Youth Ministry.com